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August 2013 Archives

Michigan entrepreneurs start new business ideas as students

Most people in college are planning to start their career after they graduate. However, many student entrepreneurs at Western Michigan University (WMU) are savvy enough to begin their new business es while they are still enrolled in college. One avenue available to WMU students is Starting Gate, which is a new program designed to help students jump start new business ideas.

Real estate financing increases in West Michigan

One of the signs that the real estate market may be growing is when the market starts seeing banks lending heavily to consumers for real estate financing . The lending power of banks had been temporarily stifled as a result of the recent recession. However, it seems that banks in West Michigan are reporting more lending in the second quarter, according to recently released data.

Two businesses collaborate on franchising venture in Michigan

The more experience one has in his or her chosen field, the more successful he or she will likely be in business. One family in Michigan knows this all too well and, with 45 years of experience in retail, the family is now running a respected and successful appliance and furniture business. Now, the family is attempting to enhance its success through a franchising venture with Art Van Furniture.

Michigan entrepreneur displays creative business planning

Being an entrepreneur is almost like being an artist. Whatever one entrepreneur can imagine, he or she can often make it an actuality in the business world. However, it may take a certain amount of business planning in order to turn an idea into reality. One entrepreneur in Michigan has discovered this secret which she has used to start a commercial real estate consulting firm which has evolved into a variety of other creative business ventures.

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