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Man is laid off, then starts successful new business in Michigan

It is best to look on the bright side, as the saying goes. In other words, it is best to stay optimistic and make the best of it when a negative situation arises. Many people may have found themselves in these types of situations as a result of the recent recession and the still-stagnant economy which left many people without employment. One man in Michigan recently found himself without a job, which prompted him to start a successful new business .

New business required to adjust business plans in Michigan

When starting a new company, an entrepreneur must take into consideration any laws and regulations which could apply to the type of business contemplated. One entrepreneur and her sisters initially failed to do this when they attempted to start their new business in Michigan. The three sisters envisioned opening a raw juice business, but did not take into consideration the state's laws on selling food, which caused them to rework their business plans.

Business planning necessary to launch new SuperTrike idea

Before Chrysler was bought by Daimler, the company had plans to produce a car especially made for the Third World which utilized a two-piece body which had been injection molded out of specialized thermoplastic polyester. The company even went as far as to begin test production of the vehicle in Michigan, but ultimately the new vehicle was never brought to market. However, now an entrepreneur has came up with a new business planning idea for a lightweight vehicle that would utilize similar plastic technology.

Social entrepreneur company wins seed funds for business planning

It is one thing for entrepreneurs to come up with a good idea which could become a profitable business, however it is another for a startup business to be both profitable as well as emphasize helping the community. One recent Pure Michigan Social Entrepreneurship Challenge focused on startup ideas with this emphasis. The winners of the challenge were awarded a total of $93,000 in venture capital in order to help initiate business planning and formation.

Michigan energy drink companies face business litigation

Sometimes people need a little something extra to wake up and remain alert during the work day or even a long road trip at night. This is where the various energy drinks which have recently flooded the market come into play. One of the most popular energy drinks is the 5-Hour Energy drink. The Michigan based companies that produce the drink claim that there is no energy crash which is common in other drinks. However, some are accusing them of false advertising in a series of business litigation lawsuits.

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