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Michigan commercial real estate property hits auction block

It is unfortunate when a business is forced to close up shop, since this usually means people will be losing their jobs as a result. However, when one opportunity closes, many times another opportunity opens up in its place. This seems to have been the case after one Michigan steel company filed for bankruptcy, which resulted in its commercial real estate property being put up for auction.

Michigan commercial real estate firm enters business merger

Successful businesses are always looking for ways to expand their market and potential customer base. One way to do this is to merge with another company which may have resources that would be complimentary with the business. Bradley Co., a major commercial real estate firm in Michigan, recently announced that it has decided to take this route and merge with NAI Harding Dahm, another real estate firm.

Eli Lily sues for patent infringement in business litigation case

Just because a company has had its patent approved by regulating authorities does not mean that it no longer has anything to worry about regarding protecting its intellectual property rights. It is possible for a competing company to attempt to challenge the patent. This is what is happening in a business litigation lawsuit in federal court in a case involving a foreign drug maker with an affiliate company based in Michigan.

Venture capital for business formation increasing in Michigan

Starting a new business usually requires some type of start-up capital. However, many entrepreneurs do not have the necessary finances to jump start their own business ideas. Fortunately, for aspiring entrepreneurs in Michigan, the state has seen a dramatic rise in venture capital investors who are attracted to the entrepreneurial environment the state has to offer. This means many entrepreneurs will be able to complete their plans for business formation .

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