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February 2013 Archives

Merck invests $600 million in new company founded in Michigan

Advancements in medical research are vital to helping medical professionals save lives and improve the health of the population. Also, medical research can lead to profits for those who are in the position to capitalize from it. This may have been the reason behind Merck deciding to invest $600 million into a new company , which focuses on biotechnology and was started at the University of Michigan.

New business in Michigan aims to help transfer old phone data

Many people are keen on keeping up to date with the latest in cell phone technology. For these people, it is important to purchase the newest cell phone model available on the market. Although this may provide them with the convenience afforded by the latest technological advancements, some of their important data, such as text messages and emails, may be trapped in an older format. A new business based in Michigan offers consumers a remedy to this problem.

Two Michigan entrepreneurs start new company to help farmers

When running a business, it is important to keep good books and employ accurate accounting methods. Not only does this help with making budgeting decisions, it is also necessary for tax purposes. However, many people are not as adept at accounting as they could be, due to their inability to understand the complex accounting software on the market. Two businessmen from Michigan noticed this among farmers and decided to start a new company aimed at helping farmers with their accounting tasks.

Michigan fund provides money to help new business start-ups

Many economists argue that recovery from the recent recession requires a stimulation of the economy through government programs aimed at creating jobs. Sometimes the problem is that start-up businesses are not able to find the funding they need to begin operations and, as a result, create more jobs. The Michigan Strategic Fund recently aimed to fix this problem when it awarded $1 million to create a new business incubator collaborative.

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