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December 2012 Archives

New business in Michigan attempts to cure bad breath

Solving a common problem through the design of a product can lead to a lucrative business venture. One new business startup in Michigan is hoping that their new product which attempts to remedy an age-old problem will be a viable business endeavor. The company produces a product which it claims will eliminate bad breath caused by alcohol, tobacco, morning breath and a variety of other causes of halitosis.

University of Michigan leases more commercial real estate in 2012

Educating students often requires a significant amount of space. The University of Michigan has increased its leasing of commercial real estate in 2012, according to a recent report released in early December. The school already holds more commercial rental leases than most other entities in its region. The university is currently leasing six properties which exceed 50,000 square feet. This includes some offices which are currently under construction.

Eliminating manufacturer tax may be good for business planning

Many people in the business community are concerned that overbearing taxation may impede economic growth. This could be especially important in an economy still slow to recover from the recent recession. The governor of Michigan has responded to this concern by releasing a new plan to gradually eliminate a tax manufacturers are charged for equipment. The new plan is an altered version of another recent proposal to eliminate the tax. It is important for manufacturers in the state to consider the potential changes in taxation when creating their business planning options.

Cisco acquires Meraki as part of business planning for expansion

In business, companies must make strategic decisions based upon competition and future demand of products and services. Business owners in Michigan and elsewhere must constantly be keeping up on the latest trends in order to make decisions to be several steps ahead of the market. Cisco Inc., recently made this type of business planning decision when it purchased Meraki Inc., a closely held business, in order to add more marketable technology to the company's products and services.

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