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Michigan business formation: investors may help entrepreneurs

Starting a business is by no means an easy task. It takes careful planning from the get-go. And to begin, you need a solid idea to work from. However, even with an idea, it can be hard to get a business up and going without investors. Luckily, Michigan entrepreneurs may get motivation for their business formation from an accelerator program based in another state.

An accelerator program is helping entrepreneurs get their business started. It allows for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to a group of investors, who may potentially be interested in investing in their idea. Ideas were recently pitched April 26, ranging from toys to help children with illnesses play to a mobile application that helps people live a healthier life through scoring meals.

The event was held in Providence, Rhode Island, in the Knowledge District. That's a place where 12-week sessions allow entrepreneurs to work on their business plans. The actual program was designed to help those interested in opening a business take their idea and turn it into a profitable company. This program has helped 44 start-up companies since 2009.

Everyone needs a little help now and then, and a program like this would do a lot of good for Michigan entrepreneurs that have an idea but simply can't get the business off the ground on their own. Investors are everywhere and with a little research, any Michigan entrepreneur may able to find someone interested in helping a new business start-up. However, as an entrepreneur seeking investors, taking the time to research and learn of one's rights, as well as licensing and other business formation information would be well advised.

Source: The Republic, " 16 teams of entrepreneurs in Providence's Betaspring seed program pitch ideas ," April 26, 2012

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