Should I Hire A Lawyer For My Business?

Small business owners face many difficult decisions on the path to success. Some of the hardest decisions involve when to bring on more people or work with vendors to take the next step. Almost every business needs the support of two kinds of professionals, even in the earliest stages of operation: an accountant and an attorney.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

Too many businesses wait to hire an attorney until they have a problem. That problem is often a lawsuit or conflict that could have been avoided with the help of a knowledgeable business attorney. From the earliest stages of a business, there is need for legal assistance. You need a business lawyer for many reasons, including:

  • The initial structure of your business matters - Should you incorporate? Is your business better as a partnership? Do you want an LLC, sole proprietorship, or are you eligible to form a nonprofit? Your choice of entity has many ramifications and should be discussed with an attorney.
  • Cut and paste contracts are dangerous - There are countless contracts available online. Those contracts are not designed to protect your business from potential disputes. If you do not understand your rights and obligations under the contract you signed, you are less likely to prevail if disputes arise.
  • Bureaucracy can be expensive - Federal, State, County and Municipal government regulations may impact your business in unforeseen ways. Proper organization, planning and operation can help your business avoid issues tied to business real estate, zoning, taxes, waste disposal and more.
  • Hiring, firing and other employee issues can go wrong - If your business will ever expand beyond your individual efforts, you need to understand the requirements of employment law. Independent contractors can be legally considered employees under certain circumstances. Even if you think someone is not an employee, the law could disagree. An attorney can help you understand and manage your workforce correctly.
  • Protecting your property requires planning - Intellectual property in the form of copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets is a valuable asset. You risk losing your investment in intellectual property if you do not take the proper legal steps to protect it. An experienced business attorney can help you shape your brand and secure the legal protection you need to protect it from competitors.

By having an attorney on your side from day one, you can protect your enterprise during its early, vulnerable stages.

Full-Service Legal Assistance

The right attorney can make a tremendous difference for your business. At Hertz Schram PC, our business law practice handles a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Business formation, including choice of entity, organization, operating agreements and more
  • Business real estate, including zoning compliance, purchase agreements, property development, financing and dispute resolution
  • Contracts, including buy-sell agreements, employment contracts, contractor agreements, real estate contracts and noncompete agreements
  • Insurance and risk management concerns
  • Banking and finance issues
  • Commercial transactions

We represent everyone from sole proprietors to large, multinational corporations. Our firm is large enough to handle all your legal needs, but small enough to maintain the high level of service and attention you deserve. We are also mindful of our clients' bottom line. We tailor our services to maximize the value of our representation. Our goal is to see your business thrive and grow. We win when you accomplish all your business objectives.

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