Representing Dog Bite Victims

Like many other states, Michigan imposes a strict liability standard of responsibility on dog owners. This means that if a dog bites a person who is on public property or who is lawfully on private property, the owner of the dog is liable for any damages the victim suffers. There is no "one free bite" rule; victims are not required to show that an animal had a history of biting or had shown other dangerous propensities.

The only exception to the strict liability standard is provocation, which also happens to be a defense frequently asserted by dog owners and homeowners insurance carriers.

At Hertz Schram, we handle dog bite injury and wrongful death cases on behalf of people in the Detroit area and throughout Michigan. Over the years, members of our legal team have successfully represented people with dog bite injuries of every type, including facial scarring, bone fractures, infections and other complications, long-term psychological trauma and fatal wounds as well. To preserve the evidence and witness testimony needed to establish the identity of the animal in question, however, we encourage you to contact us about your case as soon as possible.

Providing The Experience And Personal Attention You Deserve

Our lawyers, each of whom has been practicing law for more than a decade, offer more than 110 years of combined experience. In practical terms, this means that each person who places his or her trust in us does so with confidence, knowing that he or she will work with and be represented by experienced professionals only.

Because we also accept only a limited number of cases, our lawyers can spend more time getting to know clients, listening and learning how clients' lives have been affected by the attacks. Limited caseloads also allow us to focus on obtaining maximum compensation for both economic and noneconomic damages, including present and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering and other personal and financial hardships as well.

We pride ourselves on doing what is right for our clients, both professionally and personally, regardless of the challenges involved.

The Michigan Supreme Court recently reduced the threshold for the level of injury required to obtain personal injury compensation for noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering. As a result, victims of dog attacks in our state now have more rights, more access to the courts and a greater chance of gaining compensation for all types of injuries.

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