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Our experience with chiropractor malpractice claims and a sincere dedication to protecting our clients' interests have led to a number of remarkable victories, including a recent multimillion-dollar settlement on behalf of a client left paralyzed by a Michigan chiropractor's negligence.

Although past results like this one do not guarantee future success, each of our personal injury lawyers is a highly experienced professional who will do his or her utmost to secure a fair and just result on your behalf.

Chiropractor Negligence Claims

A major premise of chiropractic medicine is that pain and certain illnesses can be caused by the disposition of the muscles and nervous system. Based on that belief, chiropractors make "adjustments" that attempt to realign certain components within the human musculoskeletal system to release the tension and energy blockages believed to be the cause of pain and various physical ailments.

While most patients are not damaged by such treatments, decades of medical and scientific evidence has established that chiropractic treatments can and do cause strokes, paralysis, herniated disks and other serious and potentially deadly problems.

Even so, many chiropractors continue to perform back and neck adjustments without adequately informing patients of the risks.

When an uninformed patient is injured, the omission itself can serve as the basis for a "lack of informed consent" claim. A malpractice claim can also be established by showing that a chiropractor:

  • Did not follow standard treatment protocols

  • Ignored symptoms or pre-existing conditions

  • Did not take or correctly interpret X-rays

  • Failed to run certain diagnostic tests

  • Failed to refer a patient for necessary treatment by a licensed physician

There has been a change in Michigan state law that gives injury victims more rights, more access to the courts and a greater chance of gaining compensation for all types of injuries.

With limited caseloads and a concentration on only certain types of causes, our lawyers are able to focus their efforts on obtaining maximum compensation for the firm's clients in each and every instance.

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