Lawyers Handling Employment Law Disputes Throughout Michigan

Striking a balance between the needs of the employer and the employee can be challenging. Each side has expectations that need to be met if a valuable relationship is to be created and maintained. Employees expect to be treated and compensated properly. Employers expect a certain level of productivity and professionalism. At Hertz Schram, our lawyers understand this balance. We understand how to handle disputes that arise when this balance is not met.

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Handling Employee Discrimination Lawsuits

Since 1979, the law firm of Hertz Schram has represented employers and employees in Detroit and the surrounding parts of southeast Michigan.

Our team can handle all manner of employment law disputes, including those related to:

We understand how to help employers with all employment law issues.

Our lawyers understand that your goal is to reach that balance between your needs and the needs of your employees. We know how to help you achieve that balance as well as how to handle disputes with employees who believe they have been wronged by you.

We have represented all types of small and large businesses, including brokerage firms, banks, large transportation companies, property managers and large manufacturers.

Employees have rights as well. If you are an employee and you believe your rights have been violated, our employment law attorneys can help. We represent all types of employees, from salary earners to hourly wage earners. We can help restaurant workers, office workers, medical and dental professionals and more.

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