Civil Rights: Were Your Constitutional Rights Violated?

Have you or a loved one had your constitutional rights violated by a police officer or any other government agent?

If that civil rights violation resulted in physical harm, financial loss or any other type of damage, you may be able to pursue action against the individual or organization that caused the loss. We can help. At the law firm of Hertz Schram, we will work hard to see that you are properly compensated. We will work hard to see that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

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Detroit Police Brutality Attorneys

For more than three decades, the lawyers of Hertz Schram have stood up for people whose rights have been violated by law enforcement officers, prison guards and other government agents. We are available to represent people in Detroit and throughout southeast Michigan.

We will stand strong in any civil rights violation case, including those related to:

  • Police brutality and use of excessive force
  • Section 1983 violations
  • Failure to provide medical care to prisoners
  • Mistreatment of prisoners in state and federal prisons
  • Discrimination by law enforcement officers/racial profiling
  • Wrongful and false imprisonment

We are a bold, forward-thinking and uncommonly creative team of attorneys. When we take a civil rights case, whether it is related to prisoner rights, police brutality or any other matter, we will work hard to design a legal strategy to get the most efficient and effective resolution. We are not interested in limiting ourselves to traditional methods. Our attorneys are constantly on the lookout for new ways to protect our clients' rights.

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