Appellate Attorneys

Just because the trial is over does not mean the case is. The appeals process allows additional opportunities to get the results you need. At Hertz Schram, we understand how to make this process work for you. Our lawyers are highly experienced appellate attorneys who were employed by the appellate courts and handle appeals of all variety. We are dedicated to doing what is right for you.

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Southeast Michigan Appeals Lawyers

The lawyers of Hertz Schram have more than three decades of experience. We are committed to representing individuals and businesses in Detroit and throughout the United States in all types of appeals.

We are able to handle appeals in state and federal courts relating to all types of cases, including:

  • Business and commercial law
  • Securities litigation defense
  • Real estate
  • Entertainment law
  • Banking and finance
  • Employment law
  • Criminal defense
  • Personal injury
  • Family law
  • Probate and estate administration

We Are Not Your Traditional Law Firm

Our ability to provide aggressive representation in appeals sets us apart from other law firms. We approach criminal defense, civil litigation, business law and all other types of appeals with an unprecedented level of dedication. We start by scouring all documentation, looking for every opportunity to improve your results. We will look for new information, mistakes that may have been made in the original case, judicial errors and other opportunities to build a new case.

Appeals are not the same as the initial trial and cannot be treated the same. We know the differences. We know the arenas. We know the process. We know how to get results.

To schedule a consultation about appeals, email or call us at 248-494-4486.