Strong Legal Representation for Grand Jury Investigations

Have you Received a Subpoena to Testify in Front of a Grand Jury?

Investigations in federal cases are conducted for months and even years before charges are filed. Often, people become aware that they are under investigation by being served with a subpoena to testify in front of a grand jury. However, if you have received inquiries as a person of interest by federal investigators or you have received a subpoena to appear at a grand jury hearing, it is important to consult an experienced attorney right away.

This is your chance to combat charges before they are filed, but only if you have effective legal representation.

Even if you do not believe you are a suspect in the investigation, it is important to realize that federal prosecutors can pursue charges against nearly everyone involved in a criminal scenario under the broad umbrella of conspiracy.

Federal Fraud Defense Legal Representation

At Hertz Schram, we have more than three decades of experience defending clients facing serious federal criminal charges. Our experience and backgrounds — as former assistant United States attorneys, former prosecuting attorneys and a former assistant attorney general — equip us to handle all aspects of federal fraud defense cases, including pre indictment representation at grand jury hearings.

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The lawyers at Hertz Schram offer unparalleled experience and skill representing clients in grand jury hearings and other federal criminal defense matters. Our ability to assess the evidence, negotiate with prosecutors and develop creative strategies has proven effective in securing favorable resolutions in these highly complex matters. We work diligently to prevent charges from being filed and mitigate any collateral damage.

Highly Experienced Detroit Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our attorneys recognize how frightening it can be to face grand jury investigations or to be subpoenaed to appear at a federal grand jury hearing. We put clients at ease by carefully evaluating and providing an honest assessment of their case and skillfully representing their interests throughout the legal process.

We represent clients facing grand jury investigations and federal fraud charges involving:

We are also accustomed to defending clients facing related charges, such as charges for public corruption, money laundering, perjury (making false statements) and other white collar crime charges.

Our law firm also handles professional licensing defense and works with clients in defending their interests against criminal forfeiture penalties.

Meet our federal criminal defense attorneys:

Don't face the full force of the federal government alone or with an inexperienced defense lawyer. Consult with our skilled criminal defense attorneys at Hertz Schram. Email or call us at 248-494-4486 to schedule a consultation. Serving Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Oakland and Wayne Counties and all communities throughout Michigan.