Federal Drug Crime Defense

Michigan Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Detroit is a hub of illegal drug activity, with prescription narcotics and illegal drugs being imported from out of state as well as internationally from Canada. As a result, state and federal law enforcement agencies aggressively investigate and prosecute drug trafficking offenses and other drug charges in the Detroit area.

At Hertz Schram, our federal criminal defense Lawyers have the experience, knowledge and determination to fight federal drug charges for clients in the Detroit area and throughout Michigan. We are also equipped to represent out-of-state clients who are arrested in drug busts in Michigan.

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Tactical Defense Against Federal Drug Charges In The Detroit Area

Our drug crime defense team includes attorneys with backgrounds as assistant United States attorneys, prosecuting attorneys and an assistant attorney general.

The experience acquired in these roles equips our criminal defense team to anticipate the prosecution's strategy and prepare an aggressive defense to overcome the charges clients face. Whether we enter the case at the investigation stage or once charges have been filed, we have the skill and tactical approach necessary to provide the effective representation clients need.

Detroit Narcotics Possession Lawyers With Decades Of Experience

Our law firm has been tirelessly defending clients in the Detroit area for more than three decades. We understand the unique issues in federal drug cases, whether they involve cocaine, prescription narcotics or other controlled substances. With the majority of federal drug cases involving several parties, law enforcement frequently uses "snitches" and allegations of conspiracy to prosecute individuals. Even if your involvement was minimal, you could face federal drug conspiracy charges.

Our law firm is adept at providing federal drug crime defense in cases involving:

  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Federal drug possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug distribution
  • Delivery of a controlled substance
  • Other federal drug charges

Sophisticated Defense For Physicians Charged With Title 21 Violations

Physicians and other health care professionals can face significant criminal liability for writing false prescriptions, taking medications from a hospital for personal use or distribution and other Title 21 offenses. If the quantity of OxyContin or any other prescription narcotic in your possession is high enough, you could face federal charges as well as collateral consequences to your professional license.

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A federal drug conviction can result in a lengthy prison term, significant fines, criminal forfeiture of assets purchased with tainted money ("drug money") and other consequences.

Regardless of the issues involved in your federal drug case, our law firm has a thorough understanding of these cases and we know what it takes to defend them. Our Detroit federal drug crime defense lawyers are dedicated to protecting your license, criminal record and reputation.

Meet our federal drug crimes defense attorneys:

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