Child Pornography Defense

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A conviction for possession, distribution or production of child pornography can result in serious penalties. Anyone convicted of child pornography — including teenagers or other young adults who open or forward elicit photos without contemplating the seriousness of their actions — has committed a federal offense and is subject to significant prison time (a minimum of five years), mandatory sex offender registration and other penalties.

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If you are under investigation for child pornography or another sex crime in Michigan, it is important to take immediate legal action. At the law office of Hertz Schram, we defend clients in the Downriver area and throughout Michigan who are facing serious sex offense charges or other criminal charges. Our lawyers are bold, forward-thinking and uncommonly creative in developing criminal defense strategies for clients.

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Understanding Your Charges for Possession or Distribution of Child Porn

Charges of child pornography are extremely serious. Often, individuals are unaware of having potentially committed a crime, not knowing that the images or videos being transferred were of individuals under the age of 18. It is important to realize that if any type of child pornography is found on your computer hard drive — even if it was deleted and even if you never opened it — you could face charges for possession of child pornography. You could face charges for distribution of child pornography by forwarding an image even once.

In many instances, there are multiple users of a computer. The owner of the computer may face child pornography charges when another person accesses or distributes images of a minor. It is important to hire an attorney who knows how to challenge the evidence in such complex cases.

Helping Parents Minimize The Damage of Their Child's Actions

Parents are often bewildered when their child is suddenly arrested and charged with possession or distribution of child pornography. Simply pressing the forward button on a computer can cause lifelong consequences — jeopardizing high school completion, college entrance, scholarships, school loans, campus housing, employment opportunities and even future professional licenses. It is critical to work with a law firm that is equipped to provide the tireless defense counsel necessary.

College students, teenagers and other young adults throughout Michigan frequently underestimate the seriousness of forwarding emails with photos or files containing pornographic images of children. A minor may simply forward an email to friends as an "auto-pilot" reaction, may forward adult porn without realizing that one of the unopened files contained child porn or may open a file from an unknown sender (frequently a federal officer), delete the file and do nothing further. The simple act of opening the file, however, is a federal criminal offense. Additionally, each separate file that is opened or forwarded can be charged as a separate child pornography possession or distribution offense.

Our child pornography defense lawyers at Hertz Schram have helped parents and their children fight these charges and minimize the collateral consequences. As a result of our diligence and our dedication to clients, we have had some of the most successful results in our region in these complex cases.

The issue of "sexting" (sending pornographic images via cellphone) has also become a heated topic in recent months. Young adults may find themselves facing child pornography charges if a boyfriend or girlfriend under 18 sends nude photos via cellphone texting. While laws are still evolving regarding this issue, it is important to be proactive and seek advice from a lawyer. The penalties — including the potential for sex offender registration — can affect a young adult for life. Our lawyers are skilled in handling all child pornography cases in Michigan.

Entrapment in Child Pornography Cases

The issue of entrapment often arises in child pornography defense cases. With added pressure to prosecute those suspected of committing sex crimes, law enforcement routinely sets up ways to entrap people, leading them to commit a crime they otherwise wouldn't have committed. If entrapment is a factor in your case, we will aggressively challenge the prosecution.

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