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The law firm of Hertz Schram is available to represent employers and employees in False Claims Act and IRS Whistleblower cases. Our experienced attorneys are bold, forward-thinking and uncommonly creative. We are enthusiastic about digging deep into complex cases, sorting through challenging issues and coming out with the resolution that is right for our client. When you choose us to represent you or your business, you can be assured that we will put forth every effort to get you the results you deserve.

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The Federal False Claims Act and The Whistleblower's Protection Act in Michigan allows people to bring lawsuits against individuals and companies whom they believe committed fraud against the government's coffers. These cases are also referred to as whistleblower claims. Often, the person bringing the claim is an employee of the company that the whistleblower claim is against. The qui tam provision of the False Claims Act allows this individual to collect a percentage of the recovery if there is a successful outcome.

These cases typically revolve around government contracts and allegations of fraud or misspending. Often, they relate to:

  • Health care (Medicare and Medicaid)
  • HUD funds (Department of Housing and Urban Development)
  • Military contracts
  • Construction contract


In addition to our "Qui Tam" Whistleblower Practice, we represent "tax whistleblowers" pursuant to the IRS Code's Whistleblower provisions. The law is designed to reward whistleblowers who reveal people who cheat on their taxes. The IRS whistleblowers provisions provide an excellent tool for our clients to secure large monetary rewards.

IRS whistleblower clients include executives, health care professionals and accountants. Our clients are heroic in their efforts to expose fraud. We are well-suited to help clients because, as qui tam lawyers and tax attorneys, we have the experience to advise our whistleblower clients on these legal claims.


Under the code, the IRS considers not only the back tax amount, but also interest and penalties. The combination of these could be significant. The law caps the reward to an informant of 30% of all collected proceeds. The law also allows an above-the-line deduction for attorney's fees and costs paid by and/or on behalf of the individual involved in the submission of information. The IRS has created, per statutory mandate, a Whistleblower Office to administer the mandatory reward program.

A whistleblower is eligible for an award under the IRS program if the violations of the tax laws involves tax, penalties and interest of over $2 million and if the case involves an individual, only if such individual's gross income exceeds $200,000.00 for any taxable year subject to such action.

This high threshold eliminates small claims.

The process begins with the submission of IRS Form 211 and requires submission of the informant's information under penalty of perjury. If the ultimate reward is not satisfactory to the client it can be appealed to the U.S. Tax Court. We are experienced in the analysis of the data, preparation of the requisite form and representation of a claimant before the IRS.


If you are an individual who is considering filing a whistleblower claim, our team can provide you with proper guidance. We will help you initiate the claim and stand by your side throughout the process.

If you are a business faced with one of these claims, we can help. Our attorneys will cut to the heart of the allegations. We are committed not only to help you resolve your whistleblower claim, but to also do so in a manner that does not impact the future of your business.

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