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ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) and other employee benefit claims are typically complex, often requiring the skill of an experienced attorney. At the law firm of Hertz Schram, we are acknowledged as a national leader in the area of claims for ERISA benefits and other employer-provided benefits. People throughout the country recognize our accomplishments, and ask us to share our knowledge in a variety of forums, including panel discussions, seminars, and cable television programs. We routinely handle a wide variety of legal issues, concerns and claims around the country involving ERISA benefits and other employer-provided benefits. On October 24, 2013, we filed a class action against the Carpenters Pension Fund - Detroit and Vicinity Pension Plan and Trustees of the Plan for unlawfully reducing Disability Retirement Benefits, effective August 1, 2013.  If your Disability Retirement Benefit was also reduced as of August 1, 2013, please contact our "pension specialist" Eva Cantarella at 248-335-5000 or

If you have an individual pension issue/problem, or believe you have a class action claim for pension benefits, contact our pension guru Eva Cantarella who can help you regardless of where you are located.

For a free consultation with an ERISA and employee benefits attorney, e-mail us or call us at (248) 494-4486.

Hertz Schram was founded in 1979 on the principle of providing bold, forward-thinking and uncommonly creative legal representation. Over the years, we have put this principle into action both locally and throughout the United States.

Our national experience in the benefits arena has resulted in our handling of not only individual claims, but also a variety of class action claims for ERISA benefits and other employer-provided benefits. Indeed, we have handled over a dozen class actions around the country involving pension plans, including several sponsored by Fortune 500 companies, such as AMOCO, Georgia-Pacific, U.S. West, GTE, Tyson Foods and AT&T.

We have successfully litigated numerous claims for pension benefits ( see our pension article), as well as claims for ERISA welfare benefits (e.g. health, disability, life insurance) and other employer-provided welfare benefits, including:

  • Deficient pensions payouts during the pendency of the plan or upon its termination
  • Issues concerning eligibility for benefits, both pension and welfare (e.g. disability benefits)
  • Preemption and other procedural issues under ERISA or state statute
  • Fiduciary duties owed plan participants by plan administrators and other plan fiduciaries

To strengthen our representation in ERISA retirement benefits cases and other pension cases, we frequently work closely with accountants and actuaries that specialize in these types of matters. In addition, our team members regularly consult with the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Treasury to improve our legal strategies.

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