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Do you have a question, concern, or problem regarding your pension or retirement benefit? If so, we may be able to help. Hertz Schram, P.C., is one of the leading law firms in the country helping participants and beneficiaries receive and recover the pension and retirement benefits to which they are legally entitled. In just the past 13 years, we have recovered over $100 million in pension and retirement benefits for over 20,000 pension plan participants and their beneficiaries.

If you have an individual pension issue/problem, or believe you have a class action claim for pension benefits, contact our pension guru Eva Cantarella who can help you regardless of where you are located.

Perhaps not surprisingly, our activities in the pension and employee benefits arena have been reported in numerous publications and on many websites, including;;;;;; Wall Street Journal, IBL Class Action Reporter; Lawyers Weekly USA; Entrepreneur Magazine; Washington Post; Detroit News; Crains Detroit Business News; Gannet News; Cincinnati Enquirer; Hartford Courant; Tax Analysts; Poughkeepsie Journal; and Michigan Benefits & Business. In addition, we have presented on pension issues in a wide variety of fora including the Employee Benefit Security Administration, United States Department of Treasury, the American Bar Association's Labor and Employment Section, Employee Benefits Committee, and Practical Law, a Comcast cable television program. We have also given testimony before the Internal Revenue Service and United States Department of Treasury on proposed regulations governing tax qualified pension plans, with the goal of ensuring that, once finalized, the regulations will not undercut, but rather improve upon, protections for pension plan participants and their beneficiaries. Finally, we have been vigilant in our efforts to secure better remedies for pension plan participants who have suffered a monetary loss because of a violation of the pension laws.

In short, we are uniquely qualified to answer your pension questions and help resolve your pension problems. For a free and confidential consultation, please call Hertz Schram, P.C. at (248) 494-4486 and ask for The Pension Team; or send an e-mail to a member of the Team using one of the e-mail links below.