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Divorcing parents face tough determinations about child custody. Often one of the most contentious issues in a divorce — child custody proceedings — require all parties to consider the best interests of the child at all times.

At Hertz Schram, we are experienced attorneys who understand how the emotional, financial, and legal components overlap in child custody cases. We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their goals and objectives. In doing so, we are better able to tailor our services to meeting clients' needs.

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Determining Child Custody

Michigan courts consider many factors when determining a child custody arrangement. But at all times, the focus is on meeting the best interests of the child. Our firm can explain various types of custody that may fit your family's needs, including sole custody, joint custody, primary custody, physical custody, or legal custody.

Mediation or negotiation may be viable options for parents facing child custody determinations. This is often a less contentious way of settling legal matters, if parents are at least somewhat prepared to work cooperatively.

Child Custody Modifications

After a divorce judgment has been entered, the mother and father have no choice but to live with that judgment and to try to make it work. After time has passed, many discover that an existing child custody arrangement is unworkable, doesn't fit the parents' schedules, or does not benefit the child.

Through the process of a child custody modification, our firm assists clients in altering existing child custody arrangements. The courts require there to be a material change in circumstances to alter an existing divorce decree. Our firm will help to articulate that change in circumstances to seek an arrangement that fits your lifestyle and benefits your child.

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