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In principle, parents and educators have the same goal: to provide the best possible education for children. Unfortunately, this goal can become clouded between competing agendas. At Hertz Schram, our lawyers are committed to clearing those clouds out of the way. We have the experience, enthusiasm and dedication to the needs of our clients to get results. Whether your case is related to standard or special education law, our team can help.

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For more than 3 decades, the law firm of Hertz Schram has served parents and educational institutions in Detroit, the surrounding parts of Southeast Michigan and throughout the United States. Among our attorneys is a former school board president, which gives us an understanding of how school systems operate.

We consider ourselves a large firm in a mid-size suit. That means that we offer the same level of sophistication, experience and resources traditionally found at a large law office. In addition, we bring a level of personal care and attention that may not be found in such large organizations.

Our team can help assist parents and guardians with all special education law issues, including those related to individualized education plan (IEP) matters, due process proceedings, federal court proceedings, disability and discrimination issues and more. The goal of our special ed law attorneys is to see that the needs of your child are met.

We can help educational institutions, such as grade schools, high schools, school districts and more, with a wide range of legal issues. In addition to helping resolve special education law matters, we can address issues related to certification as well as student disciplinary issues.

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