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In addition to fines, jail time and other penalties, people accused of crimes may be subject to property forfeiture. The attorneys of Hertz Schram are specialists in the area of forfeiture law in both federal and state courts. They have intimate knowledge of the rules and regulations governing forfeiture proceedings to prevent the government from illegally seizing or maintaining possession of your property.

If your assets and money have already been seized, our team will fight to get them back.

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Protecting Your Rights

At Hertz Schram, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of people who have been accused of crimes. For more than three decades, our trial attorneys have stood up for clients in Detroit and the surrounding parts of Michigan and throughout the country. We are a dedicated criminal defense team that knows the steps to take to help our clients successfully navigate through forfeiture proceedings.

Property forfeiture can occur for many reasons, such as when the property is suspected to have been used to facilitate a crime. Examples include cars being used to transport stolen property after a burglary or houses or commercial buildings in which drugs are stored.

Another reason for forfeiture is when property was allegedly acquired with the proceeds gained from illegal activity. Examples of this are boats being purchased with money gained from illegal Internet gambling or homes bought with the proceeds of a money laundering operation.

Our lawyers can help you successfully and aggressively defend against a civil complaint that has caused or will cause your assets to be forfeited. Among the types of property that we have defended from forfeiture are houses, cars, motorcycles, bank accounts, cash, boats, vacation homes and jewelry.

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The lawyers of Hertz Schram have been helping individuals and businesses since 1979. We bring a level of experience, dedication and personal care that we believe our clients deserve.

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